A Heišni Fellowship

Post Office Box 199 / Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927 / 973-426-1035 / [email protected]

Gers Ey Gošorš is a religious and cultural organization that practices and promotes Heišni (pronounced “heythnee”); a form of Norse paganism. It is an attempt to reconstruct, as accurately and completely as possible, the pre-Christian religion practiced in and around Scandinavia during the Vķking Era. The term “Heišni” is an Old Norse term meaning “those who dwell on the heath”. It was used to describe the Old Faith and those who practiced it after the conversion to Christianity had begun in Scandinavia. (Neither Heišni nor its English cognate “heathen” are related to the word “hedonism”, which comes from the Greek word hedene, meaning “delight”.)

Gers Ey Gošorš is based in northern New Jersey (our name comes from the Vķking-era name for the Island of Jersey) but people from all over the region are welcome. Our events, rituals, and meetings are open to anyone with an interest in Norse religion and culture, and membership is open to everyone regardless of race, gender, and previous religious affiliation. We hold religious and social events for our members and friends as well as encouraging and facilitating studies in Vķking language, culture, and history. Our general meeting (called a skapžing) is held on the first Sunday of each month at noon at a local restaurant.

Heišni, as we define it, presents an alternative to those forms of Norse Paganism that define themselves in terms of their stance on race and heritage (either for or against); Heišni defines itself in terms of its stance on historical accuracy. We place a premium on scholarship rather than ideology. Our standards for inclusion of practices and beliefs are high, and must be firmly rooted in primary source material. We reject modern ideologies (such as Political Correctness and racism) and injections from other belief system.